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Carry your lessons with you on your Android phone or tablet!

Workbook for Students from A Course in Miracles
now available on over 3,953 Android devices.

This app allows students and readers of A Course in Miracles (“the Course”) convenient access to their 365 daily lessons from its Workbook. While the app contains the complete Workbook for Students, it represents only part of the Course, a unique self-study metaphysical thought system. The Course’s teaching is based on the practice of forgiveness as the key to inner peace and the remembrance of God.

Published in one volume, A Course in Miracles consists of three separate sections: Text, Workbook for Students and Manual for Teachers. The Text of the Course sets forth the theoretical concepts of the Course's thought system and thus provides the necessary framework to clarify the meaning of the Workbook exercises. It is therefore important to undertake the lessons in this app in conjunction with the writings within A Course in Miracles.

A Course in Miracles was received in its entirety over a period of seven years by psychologist Dr. Helen Schucman through an inspired process she described as scribing. It was first published by the Foundation for Inner Peace in 1976.

The Workbook for Students, contained in this app, includes 365 lessons which are designed to train your mind in a systematic way to a different perception of everyone and everything in the world. As stated in the Introduction to the Workbook: “The exercises are very simple. They do not require a great deal of time, and it does not matter where you do them. They need no preparation.” You are asked only not to undertake to do more than one exercise a day. You might however choose to remain with a particularly appealing lesson for more than one day.

This App Uses the Android Keyboard

Android devices have the choice of a number of keyboards. In order for this app to work properly on your device you may need to change the Settings for your device to use the Android keyboard. It is therefore advised that you first set your keyboard to the Android keyboard BEFORE downloading the app.

Following are instructions to change your device keyboard setting to the Android keyboard. Since there are so many different Android devices, the instructions on your particular device may differ slightly. (These instructions can be found on the cover page of the app under the “i ” on the bottom right corner.)

Change Keyboard Settings To Android Keyboard

In some Android systems changes can be made as follows:

  • Tap on Messaging on apps screen
  • Tap on New message to open a text field
  • Long-press on the words Type to compose (if nothing happens lift your finger and long-press again)
  • Select Input method
  • Then select Android keyboard

In other Android devices changes can be made as follows:

  • Tap on Settings on apps screen
  • Tap on Locale and Text
  • Tap on Select input method
  • Tap on Android keyboard

In other Android devices you may find the keyboard setting in Settings under Language and Input. In this case:

  • Tap on Settings on apps screen
  • Tap on Language and Input
  • Tap on Current input method
  • Tap on English (US) keyboard - Android keyboard

Note: If you have a problem keying in a number to set your lesson number after you have followed these instructions to change to the Android keyboard, the change has probably not taken effect. Please refer to your device manual from your manufacturer for instructions on how to change your keyboard.

To Purchase This App:

(Note: Google Market is now Google Play.)You can read about and purchase the app from your Android phone or tablet by tapping here:

Google Play

Or tap on the Play Store (Market) app on your Android phone or tablet, select Apps, and then search for A Course in Miracles or ACIM. Tap to select A Course in Miracles: Workbook and follow directions to purchase, then download and install the app.

How To Use This App

On the cover page tap Your Daily Lesson to start reading at the Introduction to the Workbook, or tap Choose Your Lesson Number to set the lesson you are currently working on as your starting point.

The app keeps track of where you left off in your studies, so each time you return simply tap Your Daily Lesson and you will be presented with the lesson you are currently working on.

Tap on the arrows at the bottom of the lesson page to go to previous or next lesson.

To move to a lesson that is not in sequence after the one you are working on, tap on the Navigate link at the bottom of each lesson page, then tap and enter the new lesson number in the box at the top of the page. Then tap on Go to lesson.

Tap on the Navigate link at the bottom of each lesson page to be taken to a list of links that will take you to Introductions to the Workbook, the Introductions that precede specified lessons, and the Epilogue. These Introductions are all located within the Workbook and will be automatically accessed as you move from lesson to lesson.

When working on a Review lesson in which you are reviewing an earlier lesson, you can link to the lesson that is being reviewed by tapping on the lesson number, in brackets, of the lesson being reviewed. This will bring up the lesson you are reviewing.

Tap the arrow to the left of Workbook for Students on the top left of the page to return to the cover page.

Tap on the speaker at the top right of each lesson page and listen to the title of the lesson read to you.

Tap on A+ or A- in the left margin of the lessons to change the font size to suit your reading preference.

Contact Support

If you have any questions about this app please send an email to us at