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The Foundation for Inner Peace's
Translation Process


Effectively translating material from one language to another is a challenging task under any circumstances. This becomes especially true when translating A Course in Miracles. It requires experienced translators with special qualifications and skills, including a thorough understanding of the Course and an ability to convey its concepts and meanings with minimal distortion or error. Translating the Course requires great patience, dedication, insight, and perseverance on the part of the translator. You may be surprised to learn that translations of the Course normally take from five to seven years to complete—in many instances even longer—depending on the difficulty of the language and on the availability of necessary funding.

We learned early on that qualified translators must be totally prepared for such a monumental task and willing to commit to it for at least five years. Our translators are all dedicated students of A Course in Miracles who have worked with the material intensively for many years, and have translated other spiritual writings into their native language.

How did our translation program come to be? The universal applicability and appeal of the Course's teachings made it inevitable that the Course would eventually find its way into many languages other than the original English in which Dr. Helen Schucman took it down. As the Course became better known, multilingual students began translating portions of it into their native tongues in order to ease their own studying and teaching efforts. However, it soon became clear to the Foundation for Inner Peace, as stewards of the Course, that such informal translations risked misinterpreting or misstating the Course's original message. Though unintentional, these novice translations often lacked consistency, thereby confusing both the meaning and intent of Course principles for foreign students drawn to its profoundly transforming and healing ideas.

Due to this widespread international interest and a growing demand to read the Course in a number of specific languages, the Foundation for Inner Peace established a translation program in 1982 under the joint direction of Dr. Kenneth Wapnick of the Foundation for A Course in Miracles (FACIM) and Dr. William Whitson of the Foundation for Inner Peace. This collaboration continued until Dr. Wapnick’s death in December, 2013. The Translation Program continues today under the direction of Dr. Whitson.

The first translation, a Spanish edition published in 1992, was soon followed by editions in German, Portuguese and Hebrew. Those early translations paved the way for worldwide circulation of the Course, now available in the following languages:

Afrikaans | Bulgarian | Chinese | Croatian | Czech | Danish | Dutch | Finnish | French German | Greek | Hebrew | Hungarian | Italian | Japanese | Korean | Norwegian
Polish | Portuguese | Romanian | Russian | Slovene | Spanish | Swedish

A Course in Miracles Translator 
Qualifications and Requirements

Before the Foundation for Inner Peace (FIP) can authorize someone to produce an official translation of A Course in Miracles, these qualifications are required:
1. The candidate must have already studied the English Course for two years;
2. He or She must submit a Curriculum Vitae to the FIP;
3. He or She must have prior experience in the translation of metaphysical, spiritual and psychological material;
4. He or She must send FIP a translation of Chapter 13 of the Text;
5. This sample will be evaluated for fluency by The Comprehensive Language Center in Washington, DC;
6. If the sample is approved, the candidate will be brought to San Francisco for further evaluation by teachers of the Course;
7. If that personal assessment is successful, the candidate then signs a "work for hire" contract, agreeing to:

a) Work under the direction of one of our experienced teachers for four years through emails, telephone conversations and one or two funded visits to San Francisco;
b) Produce several drafts of the translation;
c) Search for a publisher in his/her native country;
d) Acknowledge that the FIP owns all copyright and all other rights to the finished translation.

8. The translation process will be constantly reviewed; editors and readers will be assigned as needed.

We encourage all translators to study and practice the three "Journey Through the Course" volumes (on the Text, Workbook for Students, and Manual for Teachers) by Dr. Kenneth Wapnick. Click here to be brought to the Foundation for A Course in Miracles (FACIM) website.


Supporting FIP’s Translation Program

In 1995, the Foundation for Inner Peace realized that there was an increasing desire of students in many other countries to see A Course in Miracles translated into their own language as quickly as possible. Yet the Foundation's income from the dissemination of the Course and other Course-related materials—which provides the main source of funds for its translation program—could not readily accommodate this accelerated demand.

After considerable thought, and through inner guidance, the Foundation developed a plan to help meet student requests for more and faster translations of A Course in Miracles by asking for support in a unique way. Called the Adopt-A-Language Program, it invites Course students to help supplement the Foundation's translation budget by making direct contributions to the languages of their choice, which also directly contributes to their own cultural and spiritual heritage. And it is with great gratitude that the Foundation can report that this program of support has been very instrumental in helping speed up the translation process and the number of languages completed since its inception.

You may notice that some of the languages we list for support have already been published. Once a language "goes out into the world," most translators do not stop working on it. As their understanding of the Course deepens, the need for revisions becomes increasingly apparent to them. Currently the Spanish and Russian translations are undergoing such revisions. Some translators also actively manage their own websites and produce additional teaching materials in audio, text and video.

The proceeds from the sales of Course books along with donations from The Adopt-A-Language program fund the ongoing translation process. If you are interested in participating in our Adopt-A-Language Program, please CLICK HERE to make an online donation or download and use our Mail In Donation form. Remember to indicate the language you wish to support.