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The Hungarian translation of A Course in Miracles is now available on our Online Store: This makes 22 translations.


The Foundation has a very active Facebook page. We have a great group of people who share their experiences with the Course, with lots of stimulating questions and answers. Do join with us and others from around the world!

In addition, we have two study discussion groups:

FIP Discussion for older students


FIP Discussion for newer students

We also have a new Facebook page called A Course in Miracles Around the World. There you can see photographs of ACIM students from around the world. We now have close to 200 photographs.
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Previously on What's New

Check out the newly updated pages for the following translators, complete with a video of each of them reading the Introduction to the Course in their native language.



We have upgraded the audio and video on this site and on the ACIM-Archives site so you can now listen to all the audio (including the online lessons) and watch our featured videos on all your portable devices including phones and tablets.


Check out our new
Study Groups Around the World Video



A Course in Miracles is now available in the Czech Republic!

We are happy to let you know that the Czech publication of A Course in Miracles has now been published. Over twenty people have worked on this translation over a period of twenty-one years. This Czech Translation joins other translations from Eastern Europe: Poland, Slovenia, Croatia and Romania, with more to come.

Read about the Czech Translation Team members.


A Course in Miracles MP3 Audiobooks

The three books of A Course in Miracles: Text, Workbook for Students, Manual for Teachers and the Supplements: "Psychotherapy: Purpose, Process, Practice" and "Song of Prayer" are now available to download as separate audiobooks from Audible, iTunes and Amazon. The three books were narrated by Jim Stewart and the two Supplements by Brad Cahill. Jim Stewart is the voice of the Online Lessons that so many students enjoy listening to on this website.

See ACIM Audiobooks for more information.


A Course in Miracles Supplements

We have added information on both of the Supplements, "Psychotherapy: Purpose, Process and Practice" and "The Song of Prayer: Prayer, Forgiveness, Healing" to the website. These extensions of the principles of A Course in Miracles have been translated into thirteen languages. These editions in other languages are also described in the new Supplements section.


Planned Giving

Our new Planned Giving Program is now on the website detailing the many ways that you can support the work of the Foundation for Inner Peace in disseminating the Course.


Updated Translator's Pages

The Hebrew Translator’s page has been greatly expanded and now includes information about the newly published Hebrew Audio Edition of the Course.

On the Polish Translator's page, we have added an audio of the beautiful Memorial Service for Lucy Rudnicka, our Polish translator, by Ken Wapnick of our sister foundation, The Foundation for A Course in Miracles.


A Course in Miracles: Workbook App for
Android Phones and Tablets

Our new Android app containing the complete Workbook for Students from A Course in Miracles is now available from the Android Market. Carry the Workbook on your Android phone or tablet with you wherever you go, listen to the title of your daily lesson read to you, and add personal notes. Visit our Android app page for more information.



We have just updated the translator's page for Chiao lin Cabanne.
Click here to see photos of Chinese students from the People's Republic of China and Taiwan. Read about her background and experience translating the Course.



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奇迹课程 - Chinese Simplified Font Edition

Chinese Boxed Set

A Course in Miracles is now available in the
People's Republic of China!

After years of hopeful waiting, we are happy to let you know that a brand new Chinese publication of the Third Edition of A Course in Miracles has now been printed in The People's Republic of China. Using the Simplified Font, this Chinese revised translation will thus be available to more than a billion people! This edition includes both Supplements: Psychotherapy and The Song of Prayer.

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ACIM Workbook App

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Memories of Helen & Bill

Helen and Bill

A brand new 2-disc DVD set that focuses on the Scribes of A Course in Miracles. In this three-hour celebration of the 25th anniversary of the Course's publication, held in Anaheim, California in 2001, Dr. Kenneth Wapnick and Judith Skutch Whitson share their experiences with and recollections of Drs. Helen Schucman and William Thetford.

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Check Out Our Newly Enhanced
Online Lessons Features

Many of you have asked us if we could provide a way for you to access the daily lesson for the particular calendar date that you visit the site.  We have now made that feature available and have enhanced the other Online Lesson features.  You will note that there are now three ways to access the online daily lessons in the menu to the right. 

Calendar Daily Lesson

This menu item will bring you to the daily lesson for the current calendar date.

Lesson Selector

This menu item will bring you to a page where you can type in the number of the lesson you would like to study. The website will keep track of what lesson you last accessed and the next time you visit it will give you a link to the next lesson.

My Daily Lesson

Once you've chosen a lesson in the Lesson Selector, the next time you visit the site you can use a shortcut to get to your next lesson by simply clicking on the My Daily Lesson link in the menu.  This link automatically brings you to YOUR next lesson. For instance, if you last accessed Lesson 43, the next time you visit (whether it is the next day or the next week) this link will bring you to Lesson 44.