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Digital Editions of
A Course in Miracles

From the Foundation for Inner Peace

When the Foundation for Inner Peace was entrusted by Dr. Helen Schucman, scribe of A Course in Miracles, to publish the first edition her book in 1975 we never dreamed that one day the Course would be translated into 19 different languages. Also, the thought that one day a world-wide web would exist that would join together a vast ACIM community of students and readers who could email, blog, Facebook and Tweet to each other at the click of a mouse would have sounded like science fiction.

The power of the Internet has expanded our horizons far beyond anything we ever dreamed of on the day that Dr. Helen Schucman entrusted the publication of “her book” to the Foundation for Inner Peace. And now, with the arrival of digital publishing, our horizons are once more being pushed beyond our dreams. Devices are now available that allow readers and students to download ebooks of the Course into their computers and reading devices; search programs allow students to search through the Course and instantly find words and phrases that they are searching for, and apps allow them to listen to the Workbook lessons on their cell phones and digital tablets.

This digital revolution has only just begun. Possibilities not even thought of today will become available in the future. The Foundation for Inner Peace has strived to keep up with technology. As of today, ebooks of the English ACIM can be read on just about any reading device currently available.

Digital Editions of the Course are now available as:

  • ACIM eBook

  • ACIM Workbook App

  • Fully Searchable Electronic Version of A Course in Miracles