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Tečaj čuda
Croatian Hardcover Edition

(Temporarily Out of Print)

Croatian Translation Team Leader:
Petar Vasiljevic


Petar VasiljevicI was born on January 13, 1933, in Sarajevo, Bosnia. I attended elementary school in my native town. During the Second World War I began high school in Belgrade (Serbia). After the war, I returned to Sarajevo to finish high school. Then I studied medicine in Ljubljana (Slovenija) and completed specialist training (residency) in the field of neurology and psychiatry in Zagreb (Croatia). In 1972, I moved to Pula where I have remained to this day.

My interest in metaphysics began at that time. I started with depth psychology and soon moved on to the Tarot, The Tibetan Book of the Dead, the Yi Ching, the Kabbalah and books by Carl Gustav Jung, Aleister Crowley, Lao Tzu, Ira Progoff, Schwaller de Lubicz, Israel Regardie, Ramana Maharshi and Rajneesh. I translated some of those books and distributed them in mimeographed form to students.

At the same time in my practice I experimented with Berner's Enlightenment Intensives and Transformative Breathing (Rebirthing, Vivation) and led workshops in Progoffs Intensive Journal.

I first came in the contact with A Course in Miracles in 1986. To me, the message of the Course was so compelling in its synthesis of the Perennial Wisdom that it became my permanent companion for the next nineteen years. Before the war in Bosnia, by permission from the Foundation for Inner Peace, I translated selections of the Course and distributed mimeographed copies to interested people from Zagreb and Belgrade.

Translating the Course was a major challenge for all my skills and insights because I felt that I must bring the spirit and form of the Croatian language in harmony with the spirit of the Course. I needed much help from many people, through four years and six major revisions to satisfy my heart. I did my best.

Temporarily Out of Print

Tečaj čuda: Croatian Hardcover Edition

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