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“It’s so easy to listen to my lesson as soon as I wake up. Love the prayer section for meditating. Love it all!”
Review from Kate O'Neill, Maine

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Read-Along Mode

Experience a synchronized text and audio feature, allowing you to read as you listen for enhanced compehension and focus.

Curated Prayers

We have sourced over 200 different prayers from the Course by asking students from around the world their favorite passages. These are included in the app in the Meditate section.

Customizable Playback

Adjust the speed, add meditative pauses or background music, personalizing your listening experience to suit your needs.

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“I’m enjoying it a lot, driving my car “purposelessly” just to listen. I love the background sounds, the simplicity, and efficiency. I’m using it daily!”
Review from Artur Balthazar, Brazil
Discover the transformative world of "A Course in Miracles" with our ACIM Audio App. It's more than just an ACIM Podcast or a simple ACIM audio stream; it's an immersive experience that lets you "Listen to ACIM" with unparalleled ease and depth. Perfect for anyone seeking an "ACIM free download," our app brings the profound teachings of ACIM to life, directly on your device. Whether you're new to ACIM or a long-time follower, this is your go-to resource to truly absorb and live the teachings.