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Foundation for Inner Peace

General Copyright Policy

General Policy - 2015

In 1975, Dr. Helen Schucman, the Scribe of A Course in Miracles (ACIM), assigned the manuscript of the Course to the Foundation for Inner Peace (FIP) for publication. At that time, upon the insistence of the Voice, which had authored the Course and identified itself as Jesus, Dr. Schucman told the Foundation to copyright A Course in Miracles.

What is Copyrighted?

The English first printing of A Course in Miracles (“First Edition”), dated 1976, and  earlier drafts were found  by a United States federal court opinion not to be protected by copyright in the United States. That decision is limited only to the First  Edition and earlier drafts published within the United States.  The First Edition and earlier drafts published outside the United States were not inlcuded in the court’s findings, and therefore are not in public domain in countries outside the United States. All editions  of A Course in Miracles following the First Edition, i.e the Second and Third Edition, are  protected both within the United States and worldwide. Since the numbering system was introduced with the Second Edition this means that all editions that contain the numbering system are copyright-protected worldwide.

Beginning with the printing of the Second Edition in 1992 all derivative works, both print and digital, created from copyrighted editions of A Course in Miracles have full copyright protection in the United States and around the world. This includes, but is not limited to, all translations and their derivatives, films, audiobooks, audio recordings, videos, apps, ebooks and digital works in not-yet-developed formats.


The Foundation for Inner Peace holds the copyright to all translations of A Course in Miracles; the two Supplements, Psychotherapy: Purpose, Process and Practice and The Song of Prayer; as well as any audio recordings, apps, electronic or other derivative translated materials authorized by the Foundation. These are fully copyrighted in the United States and around the world. Use of quoted materials from these ACIM translations requires written permission from the Foundation for Inner Peace. Please Guidelines below.

Permission to use any translated material in German should be made to Gruethof Verlag at mail[at]

All translations of A Course in Miracles are undertaken in partnership with the Foundation for Inner Peace. If interested in translating the Course, please first contact the Foundation at Any unauthorized translation of the English edition or of any FIP translation constitutes copyright infringement and is subject to legal action.  

No content of these translations or their extensions  (Supplements) can be used as the basis of any products (such as eBooks, digital products, calendars, inspirational cards, etc.) without specific, written permission from the Foundation for Inner Peace.


In every global location outside of the United States, every edition of the English and all translations of A Course in Miracles, as well as translations of related material published by the Foundation for Inner Peace, are under full copyright protection. In the United States this also holds true, with the exception of the First Edition (1976) and all previous drafts of A Course in Miracles.

Permissions Guidelines

Use of Quotations for Personal Study or Teaching Purposes

Limited Use: Limited quotation of A Course in Miracles material for personal study and  teaching purposes may be made without written permission provided that proper acknowledgement is given. The use of quoted material must be acknowledged as follows.
Acknowledgement: A general acknowledgement of the Foundation for Inner Peace as  copyright holder in printed media should be a single footnote on either the title, first or last page of a book (either print or eBook); namely, "All quotes from A Course in Miracles© are from the ‘X’ Edition, published in “x” year, by the Foundation for Inner  Peace, P.O. Box 598,  Mill Valley, CA 94942-0598, and" This same acknowledgement needs to be used for inspirational cards, audio recordings, video recordings, use of quotations on social media, the internet or any new electronic media yet to be developed.

Use of Quotations for Publication

Extensive Use: Extensive use of A Course in Miracles material for publication in books, ebooks, films, audio presentations, etc. requires written permission.

Written Permission: If you would like written permission to quote extensive material from A Course in Miracles, please write to the Foundation at PO Box 598, Mill Valley, CA 94942-0598 or contact us at:

Presentation: The cover of the book, eBook or product containing approved quotations must not be the same color and design as our regular book cover. Above all, the new cover must not use the Foundation’s trademarked registered logo (starburst above ACIM).

Referencing: A reference for each individual quote or passage should follow the guidelines as described here,, such as, “And, in His being, He accomplishes all things.”


Apps: The Foundation is in the process of producing Apps of all of the A Course in Miracles material, including translations. If you are interested in developing Apps in partnership with the Foundation please submit a proposal to

eBooks: The Foundation is developing eBooks of all the A Course in Miracles material, including translations. If you have an eBook project in mind, please contact us at

Audio Books: The Foundation is developing Audio Books of all the A Course in Miracles material, including translations. If you have an Audio Book idea, please contact us at


The Foundation is familiar with prevailing standards for royalties on commercial products. Royalties should be negotiated during the process of obtaining permission to quote. 

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