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Adopt-A-Language Program

Foreign Editions

In 1995, the Foundation for Inner Peace realized that there was an increasing desire of students in many other countries to see A Course in Miracles translated into their own language as quickly as possible. Yet the Foundation's income from the dissemination of the Course and other Course-related materials—which provides the main source of funds for its translation program—could not readily accommodate this accelerated demand.

After considerable thought, and through inner guidance, the Foundation developed a plan to help meet student requests for more and faster translations of A Course in Miracles by asking for support in a unique way. Called the Adopt-A-Language Program, it invites Course students to help supplement the Foundation's translation budget by making direct contributions to the languages of their choice, which also directly contributes to their own cultural and spiritual heritage. And it is with great gratitude that the Foundation can report that this program of support has been very instrumental in helping speed up the translation process and the number of languages completed since its inception.

You may notice that some of the languages we list for support are already published. Once a language "goes out into the world" the translators usually do not stop their work. Many of them go on to translate additional materials such as the Supplements and many translate our Foundation's website. Some of them also actively manage their websites and produce additional teaching materials in audio, text and video. We are in the midst of recording the Workbook Lessons for five languages which will also be a feature on the international websites as well as for purchase by students. So your generous donations help continue the dissemination of the Course throughout the world.

If you are interested in participating in our Adopt-A-Language Program, please CLICK HERE to make an online donation or download and use our Mail In Donation form. Remember to indicate the language you wish to support.

Thank You!